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Rebuilding lives through mentoring


The SISTER2sister Program provides structured mentoring and psychoeducational workshops and activities to adolescent girls aged from 12 to 18 years old who are experiencing complex challenges.

Little Sisters are paired with female mentors (Big Sisters) who are positive stable role models and have undergone intensive screening and training.


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About the program


The Program is designed to build resilience and empower positive change within a safe, nurturing and socially inclusive environment.  

Program Inclusions


The 8-month program includes:

  • 3 day residential Camp (combining educational seminars, team building workshops and bonding with Big Sister and peers).
  • Monthly group life skills workshops and activities focusing on core underlying issues (E.g. self-esteem, resilience, health, self-regulation and body image).
  • Group "outings" with Big and Little Sisters designed to build trust and connection, and to provide respite to Little Sisters who are facing serious concerns and responsibilities in their day to day life. These can include Trapeze, cooking and nutrition, rock climbing and self defense.
  • Support for Big and Little Sisters from experienced staff and program leadership team. The Program operates within an integrated, holistic, trauma-informed mentoring and education framework, inclusive of ongoing support to the Little Sisters beyond the structured program itself for long-term sustainable change.

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